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  1. Xavier Mustin

    Set AD Synced Distribution Group to only allow messages from internal senders

    If you have an AD synced distribution group and want to only allow senders from your organization, the msExchRequireAuthToSendTo attribute must be set to TRUE in the Attribute Editor. If you try changing that in the Exchange Online console, an error will appear.
  2. Xavier Mustin

    Windows Print Server Aliases / Windows File Server Aliases

    Windows Print Server Aliases – what is that and why would you even need to think about it? For File-Servers, you can set up DFS structures and have a single point of entry as from the perspective of the client. It’s a simple named path and works rather flawless if set up right and monitored e.g...
  3. Xavier Mustin

    Synology: HTTPS-SSL to Your Docker Containers Without Port at The End

    You all loved my series of articles on how to use an HTTPS/SSL certificate to secure your Docker containers and make them accessible from anywhere, like my article Synology: How to Allow BitWarden to Work Over an HTTPS Connection. And, to continue the series, today I have a new and exciting...
  4. Xavier Mustin

    How to Install BitWarden on Your Synology NAS

    Bitwarden is a free and open-source password management (password manager) service that stores sensitive information such as website credentials in an encrypted vault. The Bitwarden platform offers a variety of client applications including a web interface, desktop applications, browser...
  5. Xavier Mustin

    Use the BurFlags registry key to reinitialize File Replication Service

    Use the BurFlags registry key to reinitialize File Replication Service This article discusses the FRS BurFlags registry key that the Microsoft Windows File Replication service (FRS) uses. Applies to: Windows Server 2012 R2 Original KB number: 290762 Overview FRS is a multi-threaded...
  6. Xavier Mustin

    Upgrade Aruba Switch Firmware Using CLI

    Tutorial on how to Upgrade Aruba Switch Firmware Using CLI Verify Current Firmware Version Login to Aruba 2530 switch via SSH and verify the current firmware version HP-2530-24# show flash Image Size (bytes) Date Version ----------------- ------------ -------- --------------...
  7. Xavier Mustin

    How to Disable VMQ with PowerShell

    VMQ can cause erratic virtual machine network performance when enabled, such as latency and dropped network connections. This is especially common with Broadcom Gigabit network adapters. This how-to will show you how to disable VMQ on your Windows host server using PowerShell. 2 Steps total Step...
  8. Xavier Mustin

    Install Letsencrypt SSL Certificate for Unifi Controller

    Install Letsencrypt SSL Certificate for Unifi Controller on Raspberry Pi One of the most asked questions about the Unifi Controller is how to get rid of the certificate error when you open the controller. And I totally understand, it’s annoying to bypass the error/warning every time you log in...
  9. Xavier Mustin

    Remonter le routage au démarrage de pfSense

    Remonter le routage au démarrage de pfSense Quand pfSense redémarre, le routage statique que vous avez pu mettre en place via le Shell sera supprimé automatiquement. Il est possible de « figer » ce routage et le récupérer au démarrage de pfSense via un plugin spécifique. Shellcmd est utilisé...
  10. Xavier Mustin

    Mise en place d’un routeur pfSense en frontal sur un dédié avec ESXi (OVH)

    [pfSense 2.2.6] Mise en place d’un routeur pfSense en frontal sur un dédié avec ESXi Mettre un pfSense en dit « en frontal » sur un serveur dédié vous assure d’avoir une sécurité en plus pour protéger vos VM et naturellement votre serveur. Il est très fortement recommandé d’effectuer ce genre...
  11. Xavier Mustin

    Office 365 Your Organisation Needs More Information To Keep Your Account Secure

    Have you recently created a new Microsoft 365 or Office 365 account and users are being forced to setup MFA within 14 days despite MFA not being configured? Me too! I’m constantly setting up new tenants for clients and performing migrations and while enforcing MFA is a great idea and having...
  12. Xavier Mustin

    TYT TH-9800 Unlock

    ۰ Latest Firmware: TH9800DMV1.00.23-P140120-D1600125 ۰ Latest S/N: 1810A00292 ۰ 50W/40W Full Quad Band FM Twin Display Amateur Mobile Radio Transceiver! ۰ Full Twin Display and Receive, Cross Band Repeater mode too! ۰ Features CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2-Tone/5-Tone, Alphanumeric Display, & more! ۰...
  13. Xavier Mustin

    How to rename Veeam Backup Server Hostname

    As IT Pro one of the most critical tasks is the Backups that must be monitoring every day and be sure that can use it when will be needed. Usually Backup Servers don't need lot of changes. But sometimes maybe requested to do a migration , change Computernames and other tasks that will be cause...
  14. Xavier Mustin

    Remove internal Autodiscover when moving to Office 365

    O365: Remove internal Autodiscover when moving to Office 365 [Solved] Here you find a powershell script which was very useful for me. All scripts are free of charge, use them at your own risk : When migrating to Office 365 the internal outlook users are not able to use autodiscover. This is...
  15. Xavier Mustin

    PfSense VLAN with Hyper-V

    Published by aschimpie on 03/03/2017 So, in a lab environment I was trying to run a VLAN via PfSense. Since I have only 1 WAN connection available and wanted a separated LAN with internet connectivity. This caused some connection issues as the Hyper-V does not support VLAN Trunk without setting...
  16. Xavier Mustin

    Certify The Web – OVH DNS API

    Certify The Web – OVH DNS API PAR YANN · 27 DÉCEMBRE 2018 Setup your DNS API credentials for OVH J’ai utilisé le tuto ci-dessous pour configurer mon agent CertifyTheWeb afin d’obtenir un certificat wildcard pour mon domaine en utilisant la vérification DNS et les API d’OVH, ça a marché au top...
  17. Xavier Mustin

    Renewing an Exchange SSL certificate through an internal Certificate Authority

    Even when using Exchange SSL certificates that are signed by an internal CA, you will still occasionally have to renew them. Using EAC (https://your-exchange-server/ecp), this should be pretty straightforward, or is it? After logging on to EAC, and navigating to "Servers" → "Certificates"...
  18. Xavier Mustin

    Configurer le NTP dans les Switches Aruba

    configure terminal timesync ntp ntp unicast ntp server iburst ntp enable time daylight-time-rule middle-europe-and-portugal time timezone 60
  19. Xavier Mustin

    Authoritative SYSVOL restore (FRS)

    Rate this (22 Votes) In my previous article “Non-authoritative SYSVOL restore (FRS)” I showed you, how to do a non-authoritative restore of SYSVOL. What if you have bigger mess on your Domain Controllers with SYSVOL? What if the most of DCs do not replicate SYSVOL or its changes? What can you...
  20. Xavier Mustin

    Force Removal of Exchange Server – Remove Exchange 2010/2013 Manually

    If you want to be the best at something you gotta start somewhere, get stuck somewhere & find your way out. Today I am going to show you how to remove Exchange Server from a network when you are unable to uninstall it / You have created a new server & want to get rid of the old server but it...